InterForm Incorporated

Founded in 1998, InterForm is a company designed and built to find the best ideas in the world. With help from our stakeholders and partners, we can develop these ideas and make sure they see the light of day. Once in the market, we ensure that these ideas become powerful innovations rooted in strong intellectual property. We also help emerging companies with their ideas and oversee mergers and acquisitions relating to leading technologies.

We believe that people change the world one idea at a time. And, we believe the best is yet to come – join us in our quest.

Benjamin J. Kwitek, PhD

Benjamin J. Kwitek is an entrepreneur from Colorado. He currently serves as the President and CEO of InterForm Incorporated. He also helps lead several early-stage technology companies in both Colorado and Texas. He is an avid inventor with issued and pending US Patents. His innovative products have been licensed by Fortune 500 companies and large international clients.

Dr. Kwitek holds undergraduate, graduate degrees and honors from the University of Colorado and Colorado State University. In 2005, he completed his Ph.D. at Colorado State University where his research dealt with economic development partnerships between colleges and high-tech businesses. Recently, Dr. Kwitek has completed courses on Intellectual Property and Innovation at the Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a noted writer and speaker regarding entrepreneurship and new product development.

Dr. Kwitek enjoys performance car driving, mountain hiking and tennis. He frequently travels throughout Europe and Asia.